Our dedication to customers can’t be measured

We have an excellent reputation in the Upstate and a large network of distributors to help our customers implement the optimal scaling and weighing systems they need. We are all about quality. Robbie Owens founded this company on a promise: “to bring South Carolina manufacturers scaling and engineering solutions that are the highest quality—and to treat each customer as if they are our own family.” You’ll find a commitment to excellence and integrity in everything PPES does—along with a readiness to provide service and expertise that is unparalleled.


Quality: We are not just a scale company like so many of our competitors. We are an Engineering company, as well, meaning we can custom-build systems to meet our customers’ requirements. We calibrate most equipment, including hand tools and meters utilized in specific industries. PPES also provides sales and service for Scales, Meters, and many types of automated equipment.

Solutions: We are not one size fits all. We understand that every industry and every business is different and requires specific solutions to be successful. We pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop—providing each customer with superior equipment, responsive service, and innovative solutions that get results. If you need it, we’ll make it happen.

What set us apart?

The Best Quality • Professional, Friendly Attitude • Broad Capabilities • Proven Expertise • Trustworthy and Honest • Single-Source Provider

a wide network of support

Rich Lake Weighing Systems, Fluke, Clean Air Products, Autech, Hewlitt-Packard, Global Test Equipment, Fotronic, and many more. We also have designated professionals on staff that are trained and specialize in specific pieces of equipment by industry. Some of our Engineering Services include trouble shooting and repair of automated systems, as well as the automation of manual systems via our factory trained Allen Bradley Technicians.

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